Let us drive your digital transformation

Digital Transformation
Define and understand the target state for your company, and IT’s role in supporting your corporate strategy

Let us optimize your IT department for your needs

IT Optimization
Go from understanding capabilities, resources and IT investments to roadmaps and market launch

Let us lay the foundation for your future growth

Future Growth
Take a holistic approach to IT decisions to ensure future investments will support the corporate strategy

Move IT out of the basement and into the boardroom

W5 Digital is a one-stop consulting firm for high-level, comprehensive IT and marketing consulting. No department in any organization can stand alone, despite what they may think. We take a holistic approach to problem-solving to make sure that every function of the organization is met, without yelling at each other “do you even know what I’m asking for!”

Our Digital Transformation practice inventories and identifies core assets and finds new capabilities that are key to your company’s strategy so we can optimize and redirect resources towards programs that increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and transform the business. What does that mean? We figure out what you have, what you need, and path to get where you want to go.

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better efficiency

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cost savings

Grow your revenue in a digital world.

Our Services

Fractional CIO/CTO/CISO

Everyone has IT needs, but not everyone needs a full-time expert. We offer C-level services for a project, a temporary time frame, or to outsource that function entirely.

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Digital Transformation

Moving your legacy systems to more modern technology or just updating your approach for a digital world is complicated. We’ve got you covered.

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IT Optimization

Make sure that IT is ready to support your corporate strategy, through pivots, market trends and changing technology platforms.

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Software Product Development

Full analysis of product capabilities, from resourcing and methodology to user experience, and ensure organizational readiness for launch and maintenance.

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It’s not enough to just build it. Effectively brand your product and target the right audiences so they understand the real value of your product.

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Free IT Assessment

We are the the new “IT” Leaders that have the blend of business and technical acumen and speak plain English, we can translate the technical needs of your organization into action items and budgetary requirements that will make sense to you.

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Stop wrestling with IT. Make it work FOR you.

We know the technical side of your business can be challenging for so many reasons. We are here to help. Whether it’s just understanding what most of it means, to implementing meaningful strategies to support your goals. Let’s make IT work for your bottom line and your customers.

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Annual revenue spent on IT
Cost to purchase hardware
Cost to maintain hardware
Annual cost for hardware/software

Take Control of Growth

Free up the IT budget so that you can focus more money on growth by stabilizing and tuning your core systems (infrastructure and applications) and closing the feedback loop between help desk and Product/Software Development. Many IT departments get tied up in day to day activities and do not have the time to renegotiate or properly source new services. W5 can quickly assist in bringing vendor spending in line with the market by focusing internal resources on strategic and core competencies, while partnering with managed service providers for commodities and specialization such as database management, telecom and security functions.

Get back to the business of IT

SOC (Service Organization Control) Readiness Assessments might seem rigorous, expensive and distracting from day-to-day operations. But consider how distracting it is to fulfill individual client requests to provide evidence of compliance with each contract. W5 can ensure each component of the SOC Readiness Assessment is handled, serving as a guide to shore up Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy. So now, when clients ask for proof of compliance, this one report has you covered. No more money or man hours wasted on gathering evidence and formatting reports. Get back to the business of IT.

IT doesn’t have to be hard

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