IT Assessment

Talk to anybody that has to work with IT departments and they will share horror stories with you about the groups inability to¬†get things done, the cost or that they “don’t get it.”

What’s Happening?

In most cases we find that:

  • IT & Business Leadership do a poor job in communicating priorities
  • IT is not transparent with the work being performed and delivery dates
  • the IT budget and resources are not focused on the business priorities
  • There are too many “emergencies” distracting IT from working on what is important
IT Optimization Cycle
IT Assessments

What does an IT assessment look like?

What will it cover?

The Process

Each company’s needs are different, however here is the universe of the various areas that could be reviewed. We will sit down with you and narrow the scope to ensure you get the most value from the engagement.

  • Governance (Strategy & Planning, Portfolio Mgmt, Asset Mgmt, Vendor Mgmt, Change Control, Risk & Regulatory Mgmt, Information Security)
  • Audit & Risk Mgmt (focused on the regulatory environment for your company such as PCI, SOX, SOC, BCP/DRP, state regulatory exams, policies & program mgmt)
  • People & Roles (end user support, application/system support, capacity planning, asset optimization/performance engineering, tech vendor/manage service provider mgmt)
  • Process Maturity (incident/problem mgmt, Service Level SLA mgmt, Project Mgmt, Internal/External Audit mitigation, Requirements Mgmt, Software/Systems Mgmt, Testing & Quality Mgmt, Process Optimization )
  • Engineering & Application Development (datacenter, network/telecom, storage, computing, middleware, application framework, security, back office, customer direct apps, point of sale systems)

We will invest up to 36 hours to perform a cursory review and assessment tailored to your company then within 3 business days we will turnaround actionable recommendations that are ready to bring value to your organization.