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The W5 Digital team has a combined 60 years of experience in IT, product design and marketing. From e-commerce to payments, retail to online, manual to digital, we’ve done all the jobs. With such deep experience in so many industries, we are able to take our skills and apply them quickly to your situation. We draw from business cases we’ve seen, worked on and built. And we can speak your language! If we need to talk shop, we can get technical. If we need to talk business numbers, we’ll grab our calculators. And if we need to just get creative and figure out how to reach your audience, we grab our graphic design and copywriter and get to work.

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Joel Kosloski
Chief Strategist and Tactician

No stranger to the complexities of technology in an ever-changing digital world, Joel Kosloski has managed some of the most complicated IT projects in the most complex industries. From transforming traditional brick-and-mortar businesses into omni-channel, digital-first platforms to creating and maintaining compliance and regulatory standards for Fintech, Joel uses the latest in API technology to standardize processes. Not only has he created best-of-breed platforms, he has stretched small budgets further through capitalization of development, exceeding business goals through IT.

Teri Harwood
Product Management and Design

Teri Harwood is an experienced technology leader who specializes in product services including product strategy, user experience, product management and technology delivery. She has over 20 years working at companies ranging from Nike to mobile payment startups. She has led teams creating diverse products in mobile, web and services.

Kim Dossett
All Things Marketing

Kim Dossett has spent 15 years getting inside the heads of consumers to create marketing messages that resonate. Her marketing skills have spanned several industries and countless audiences, events and trends. She delivers everything from basic branding to large-scale advertising campaigns and anything in between. Her primary objective is always to make sure that marketing is connecting with the right people at the right time.

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